Many of us may checked the expiration dates on water bottles. But it’s true that many people won’t know whether it’s for Water or Water bottle. First, we might have thought that it’s only for Water. But it is wrong.

The expiration date only denotes the date of expiration of Bottles.

As the bottles are made of plastics, after the expiration date, it will start leaching Chemicals in to the water. This process does not make water harmful or toxic, but may change the taste of the water.

Is it good, consuming Water after Expiration date of Bottles?

Many of us will not check the expiration date on the bottles and would have consumed the water. According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is said that drinking water on expired bottle will not harm people, the taster of the water only would change after expiration.

So in case of emergency, and if you only have bottles with expiry dates, you can drink the water which will not harm you.


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