Every 90’s Kids must have played this awesome game Road Rash. A talk have been went to develop this awesome game by improving the graphics and to release the new version. Years later, the Road Rash game had been modified, which comes with High Quality Graphics along with different & additional modes.

In the 90’s game, we used to attack the other players using pipes and by attacking in legs. Now, this modified version gives you many attacking modes along with pushing other players over the truck passing-by. Although Road Redemption developed on the year of 2014, it is going to release on this year only.

The announcement of the game is said to be on October month. Many external mods like film mods have been included in the game, which went viral talk and also new trailers of the game had been released. The game will be available in all digital platforms like, Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox One.

Watch the game release trailer below.


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