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You all may came across this video which is bit confusing and make people to believe on! There are also many explanations around Internet to prove it is True. But what we guess is absolutely wrong. Let us check in detail about what’s behind this and how this is made.

This video was first uploaded in YouTube on April 30, 2013 which then went viral on YouTube.

First things first, let us know in detail, why this is named as “The Escherian Stairwell”?

The name Escherian is made after the name of M.C. Escher, who is famous for his “impossible reality” art works. One of his famous art work named as Penrose Stairway, had been made as inspiration for this video.


Penrose Stairway

He also had made many other Impossible Reality artworks which can be viewed under “Impossible Constructions” on his website.

Now let us check why this video is fake.

This is a tricky video which had been created through the use of deceptive camera angles, careful editing, and use of digital effects. This video had been created for Kickstarter Campaign in order to get funds for the project “The Stairwell Project: Building a Modern Myth”. 

The estimated fund is $12000, which got failed later.

Now let us know about, what is Kickstarter Campaign?

Kickstarter is a Online Media which helps people to get donation from various other people. Here the people who donate fund are called as Backers. People who are in need of money for a good cause can start a campaign by adding correct information regarding the project or work, he/she going to do.

The Escherian Stairwell video is made as a base for the project The Stairwell Project: Building a Modern Myth. 

Here the idea is simple. For making your campaign funded by more people, you have to get popular or you must have more followers. So considering this, the team had made a video with perfect editing, visual effects & more to make video as real one. This is explained in given video below.

This man Michael Lacanilao, created the Campaign in Kickstarter, also uploaded video on YouTube.  Unfortunately the campaign was unsuccessful as it haven’t reached the goal within the time period.

So this is the strange Myth and Mystery behind “The Escherian Stairwell” video. Still there are some people sharing the video believing that this is True!

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Details collected from Snopes.


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