Floating Rock Jerusalem: Real or Fake? Fact Check by 90skidszone.com

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Floating Stone in Jerusalem, Miracle Rock, Surprising Rock

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This news had started spreading in social medias, blogs since 2010 itself. Still now, many people are sharing this fake news. Let us check in detail, why this is told as Fake.

First of all, there is a confusion that where the rock is located at. Some saying that rock is located at Jerusalem. There is a other story which claims that this now under Dome of the Rock in Palestine. Also some others saying that this rock is in a village called, Al Hassa, in Saudi Arabia.

Many Muslim people consider this as an Miracle of Allah, as they started sharing this with words, “Allahu Akbar” in social medias and also in real life, with their friends.

Here’s why that this floating rock is considered as fake.

A person uploaded a video of the rock in year of 2013. He clearly explains that there is three small rocks under the big rock, which holds full weight of the rock. So if you look at the rock from top angle or by standing near it, it will look like floating. Also, some people photoshopped the image and removed three rocks under the big rock.

There is also a video, uploaded on 2016, which clearly shows that there is three small rocks under the big rock.

There are still some news of The Floating Rock being circulated in Social Medias claiming that this is not in Al Hassa village, but located at Palestine. Yet as per the details we have, we strongly suggest that this is not a floating rock.

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