Ever wondered that a ghost will try to communicate with us using other objects like dolls? Unfortunately, there are many real stories that claims dolls have been haunted by Ghosts. In 1970, Annabelle was given as a gift for Dann (Nurse) by his mother for her birthday. Dann lived in a apartment with her colleague and also kept Annabelle in her room. Dann was 28 years old at that time and she usually loved dolls most. She loved the doll very much as she kept it as real girl by wearing ornaments on the doll.

On one fine day, Dann and her roommate woke-up and had seen a parchment paper on the floor with text “Help Me” written in pencil. They first suspected some one had visiting the room as they guessed it as thief or a person. So in order to who’s behind this note, they just pasted scotch tapes on either side of doors and placed mats at certain locations in the room. But as a result, they got nothing as mats and tapes are in same placed and have not moved. But, the doll, Annabelle had moved from the location kept by Dann.

Ironically, the fiancee of Dann had a dream that Annabelle choked him as he suddenly woke-up after this dream. And he came to the room where Annabelle had placed and suddenly doll slashed him in his chest and stomach. Four slashes on chest and three on stomach as blood seemed to came through his shirt.

After this incident, Ed and Lorraine Warren, Paranormal Investigators were called to the apartment as Ed confiscated the doll and kept doll safely in his museum.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

This is the original picture of Ed and Lorraine Warren apart from the characters we witnessed in Conjuring Series movies.

But things got serious and evil as a priest was called and Ed detailed him about the Annabelle doll. During explaining about the doll, the priest suddenly went near the doll, grabbed it and throw it down saying “God is more Powerful than any Devil and Demon”. Ed noticed this and was speechless as he already said not to touch the doll to the priest.

After that Priest left the museum, but not returned to his destination. He also was not killed, but met with an accident by hitting his new car over a truck with a trailer. The car was towed upside down, later admitted in hospital. After this incident, Ed met the Priest at hospital as he explained to Ed that the he had seen the Annabelle doll on his rear mirror as he lost his control and made accident.

Later, the news about Annabelle doll spread over their city. A young man hearing the news, came to the museum, and start hitting the doll for a couple of time and told this isn’t real. He told, if you had slashed anybody, do it to me, told to the Annabelle doll and challenged the doll. Ed watching this incident, said to him and his girl friend, “Son, you and your girl friend, you have to leave, I can’t put up with that, go right now!”. It seems that age of both of them was 20, but had not reached his home. Later, after three hours, it had been claimed that the young man and his GF had died.

Later many people came to the museum to buy the doll for millions, but they said the doll is not for sale.

This is the real Annabelle which was not creepier than the doll showed to us in the movies. You can see a warning in the box, “Positively, Do Not Open”. 

In 2014, John R. Leonetti made a movie based on this true story of Annabelle and named the movie also as Annabelle. The movie was produced by James Wan in which the last scene of his The Conjuring movie directed by Wan, will show Annabelle doll in a mirror. The series of movies then came, The Conjuring 2 and Annabelle Creation. The Annabelle creation movie released recently in theaters revealing the original story of Annabelle.

All the movies has Ed and Lorraine Warren, as a Ghost Investigators and all movies were really spooky which made many people to scream in theaters while watching.


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