While we are working hard and getting paid low every month, this kid earns millions by just playing with toys!

Meet Ryan, who has over 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube. Recently Forbes released list of Top Paying YouTuber’s 2017, Ryan is one among them.

Ryan has a own YouTube channel named, Ryan ToysReview, where he posts videos of reviewing new toys, playing with them everyday. This all started when Ryan was at age of 3.

Ryan’s parents captured video of their 3 year old kid opening new toys, playing and reviewing the toys. They created a YouTube channel and named it as Ryan ToysReview.

Then days passed by, viewers got increased along with more subscribers. Ryan got 8th place according to Forbes, in top 10 Highly Paid YouTuber’s List 2017.

This is the first ever video of Ryan uploaded in his channel, where he just unboxed, played with the toy. This video has higher views of 41 Million +.

Their parents told that Ryan loved watching reviews of toys from other channels like EvanTubeHD and Hulyan Maya. Then Ryan asked his parents, why I am not on YouTube while other Kids are there. Hence, his parents started making videos of Ryan unboxing, playing and reviewing the toys.

Most people loved watching Ryan playing with toys, reviewing them cutely. Just imagine what we had done in 6 years, while this kid became a multimillionaire.


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