Download Your Friend’s Whatsapp Status Videos

Whatsapp announced the feature of keeping Video/Picture status’s in latest version. A new update also had came in which you can also keep Text status. These Status’s will be available for only 24 hours.

This new update was loved by many people in which they started to keep video status daily. Some people may keep videos loved by everyone. So to watch again and again, we have to ask the person to send the video seperately.

What if we can download status without asking them?

Yes, you can download your friend’s whatsapp status to your mobile without asking them. It can be done using a simple Android application called as Story Saver.

Also, there is another app called as Status Downloader for Whatsapp in Play Store.

After downloading the apps, you can download the stories what you like.

But, this is supposed to be illegal if you try to download their privacy videos. You can download movie songs or quotes which can be found on Internet.

Download the apps below.

Story Saver

Status Downloader for Whatsapp