This kid named Jessica, can’t sleep at night time. She is suffering from unknown Sleeping disorder, she’s just 3 years old. Due to this, her parents are unable to sleep at night time. Not only sleeping disorder, this Kid started doing strange activities at night time. Her mother says that Jess acts bright and behaves normal at day time. She is aware that everyone around here and answers whatever asked by their family members.  But at the night time, she is doing strange and different stuff, which changes weird day by day.

Doctors and specialists tried to identify the cause at first, but no exercise or medication improved her sleeping.

Later, Tanya (Mom) and Jess were referred to one of leading Child Sleeping Clinic, Evelina Children’s Hospital, in United Kingdom. There they found that Jessica has “Eidetic Imagery“.

What is Eidetic Imagery?

Eidetic Imagery is a part of Mysterious World of Childhood Brain Development. It means that a kid or a person having Eidetic Imagery will see a separate world rather than normal world. Whatever they saw in normal world at day time will appear at strange world of kid/person at night time.

Jess, being creating her own three-dimension world, interacts with her imaginary friends/characters during night time. But for Jess, this is her happy world, where she is having so much fun. But this insomniac will harm Jess, if unchecked.

As her mom asks doctor, is Jess aware of what she’s doing? The answer of the doctor is that Jess is absolutely aware of what she is doing. This makes Tanya to get relaxed and happy as her daughter is aware of what she is doing and it won’t harm her. Doctor continued that, Jess is able to replay, exactly, an image or an experience that she sees during day time.

Later by proper medications, Jess, started to sleep while sitting on sofa. After a rule had been created for Jess from Hospital to make her sleep on bed. Then for the first time, Jessica agrees for her bed-time stories in bed. But it haven’t worked at first, as Jess was unable to sleep on bed.

Jess wakes up at mid night, and walks to her parents room. Then Tanya puts Jess back on bed again and again when she was unable to sleep or wake at mid-time.

Days passed by, and a remarkable thing happened. Jess stays in bed, sleeping full night for the first time in two-and-a-half years. After that Jess sleeps full night in bed every day.

Tanya is happy for her daughters sleep and she is not more tired or got exhausted at night time.


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