Anitha-SAT is a lightweight satellite which was designed and developed by Villet Oviya, 17-year-old girl from Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Anitha-SAT was successfully launched into skies of Mexico today by Astra Labs. 

Anitha-SAT inside Capsule

Villet Oviya 

Villet Oviya completed her 12th in R.S.K. Higher Secondary School, this year and also wrote NEET exam on Sunday (06.05.2018). She started designing and developing satellite after winning in a reality TV show ‘Ezham Arivu’ Season 1, three years ago. 

TIRUCHI:TAMILNADU:07/05/2018: FOR DAILY:- Villet Oviya, young innovator of Trichy, received appreciation from Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palanisamy and Education Minister K.A.Sengottaiyan last month for having built the lightweight satellite Anitha-Sat.

Under the supervision of the Founder of Agni Foundation, Agnishwar Jayaprakash and the Chief Executive Officer of Garuda Aerospace Vimal Raj, the young innovator designed and got the satellite fabricated over a three-year period. 


Anitha-SAT weights just 500 grams which is developed to measure the effects of air pollution and global warming. Anitha-SAT had been fitted with global positioning system and a camera and many other sensors. For details, watch the video below. 

Reason behind Satellite Name 

Asking Villet Oviya, she told that, “Every satellite we design must have some name. I was thinking name for satellite and I think of Anitha, and as a tribute to her, I named satellite as Anitha-SAT”. 

We all know what happened to Anitha, who was no more, suicided last year after failing NEET exam. Still now there are many oppositions for NEET exam from last year and this year, the exam held just one day before.  

Anitha-SAT Launch Details 

Anitha-SAT had been pushed into Troposphere, 15 km from the ground with help of Helium Balloon. After measuring the temperature, air quality and concentration of gases in the strata of atmosphere, balloon exploded and capsule which carried Anitha-SAT fell into sea. 

As like KALAMSAT, which returned to Space Kidz India Lab after its journey into space, Anitha-SAT will also can be expected to return within few months to hands of Villet Oviya. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 


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