We all know that there is a controversy regarding Ramar Paalam (Ram Setu Bridge), which some people claim it’s true and some people, not.

Now, a popular channel named Science Channel claimed that Ramar Paalam was man made only. Some people consider that this bridge is a natural sand dunes or shoals which connect India and Sri Lanka. But it’s not a natural sand shoal.

Science Channel made research about Ramar Paalam which they have tested stones and sand dunes in the sea. First they analysed the bridge using Satellite Imaging and told that this bridge would be 30 Miles long.

After researching, they said that the Sand Dunes are natural, but the stones on top of it are “not”. After making Scientific Analysis and research over stones and dunes, they came to end decision that Stone was 7000 years old and sand dunes under it was 4000 years old. Hence it makes a point that this bridge was Man Made. Also they mentioned that building a bridge on those days would be a superhuman achievement.

But they haven’t came to a decision that this is built by Lord Rama as they are still researching about that.

Many theorists who believe Ramayanam have now had a strong belief that Ramar Paalam was built by Lord Ram only.

Science Channel will telecast the full show regarding this as program named “What on Earth”. Now they had came with a promo which had created a lot buzz and it is trending in India now. Watch the promo below.

Ramar Paalam

Ramar Paalam

Ramar Paalam which was called as Adam Bridge which is made of chain of Limestone Shoals, connecting Rameshwaram Island and Sri Lanka.

There is a strong belief among many people that this Ramar Paalam was constructed by Lord Rama along with his followers with Lord Hanuman. Lord Rama along with group of Monkeys constructed this bridge between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. This was mainly constructed to visit Sri Lanka to save her wife Seetha from Raavanan. This is a myth story from Ramayanam where many people consider it as true and some people don’t.

As a conclusion, it is now proved that this bridge is Man-made. So it makes us to believe that this is built by Lord Rama only.


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