Android 8.0 Oreo

The newer version of Android, called as “O” these days, had got it’s name as Oreo. As all the versions of Android came under sweet’s category, the new version of Android had been named based on Oreo Biscuits.

Anything New in this Update?

It’s been reportedly saying that this version will improvise the battery life of Android smartphones comparing old versions. In the previous versions of Android combined with various other smartphones had a serious problem of battery that drains quickly.

Another main feature is that the Background Process will be limited allowing other apps to work smoothly without any lag. Some smartphones had sort of problem called as Screen Overlay in which those major problems had been rectified.

Yes, emoji’s had been redefined in this update and 60 New Emoji’s had been added to the Keyboard.

Faster Charging

As the background processes had been limited, the charging speed of the mobile will be increased, hence increasing the performance of smartphone. The notification’s of certain apps will be displayed as dots over that Application itself, reducing the app notifications in Notification Panel.

Picture in Picture Mode

Picture in Picture mode, which enables you use a application over another application. Like if you are watching an video on YouTube, but you have to check emails or messages, you can use both at a time as shown above.

Another cool feature is Copyless Pasting which means if you are typing an address to be send to anyone, Keyboard automatically embeds or suggest the address in the word itself. Which means you don’t need to open Google Map or other apps to send location to your friend.

Release Date?

Android 8.0 will be available after few months, and it is already available for smartphones like Pixel & Nexus smartphones. Those smartphones are likely said to get update of Android 8.0 as Air Update.


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