Cassini, A Spacecraft which had been designed to explore the planet Saturn is going to destroy itself on the atmosphere of Saturn. The Cassini had been launched in to Space nearly 20 years ago, at the date of October, 15, 1997. It spend nearly 13 years orbiting over Saturn, sending Images and Data’s about the planet and its Ring.

The 20 years mission of Cassini in short detail below,

Date Activity
October 15, 1997 Launch of Cassini in to Space
April 25, 1998 First Venus Flyby
June 24, 1999 Second Venus Flyby
August 17, 1999 Earth-Moon Flyby
December 1999 to April 2000 Through Asteroid Belt
December 29, 2000 Exploring Jupiter
October 31, 2002 Camera Test
April 7, 2004 Watching Saturnian Storms
May 31, 2004 Two New Moons
June 10, 2004 First up: Phoebe
June 30, 2004 Saturn Orbit Insertion
October 24, 2004 First Close Encounter with Titan
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Cassini will enter in to the atmosphere of Saturn and will destroy itself on 4.55 AM (PDT), which is 5.25 PM in India. The loss of signal on Earth is predicted by NASA and it will be the time of Cassini to be destroyed.

Why Cassini is destroying itself?

The $4 Billion plus Spacecraft, launched 20 years before, nearly lost its fuel, but extended its duration of mission for some months. At April 26, 2017, The Grand Finale of Cassini had begun, calculated to finish it’s mission on September 15th of 2017. During this time, Cassini had dived in between the rings and Saturn and explored, sent back images to Earth.

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex, located in Australia will track Cassini’s End. The spacecraft will enter in to the atmosphere of Saturn, which will then destroy in to pieces, yet other parts will send the data’s back to Earth before destroying itself.

It is said that, 8 instruments on the spacecraft will send back the signals detecting the Chemical layers over the Saturn and other details to Earth, until they get destroyed.

The image representation given above shows how and when Cassini enter the atmosphere of Saturn. September 15, today, Cassini reconfigures for real-time science transmission and will enter in to Saturn, causing Loss of signal in Earth.

Check the Video representation of how Cassini will destroy itself passing in to Saturn.

Travelling deeper and deeper in to the atmosphere of Saturn, “where intense heat and pressure will cause all of its materials to melt and completely dissociate, eventually becoming completely diluted in the planet’s interior,” explained by NASA.

Check Cassini’s Images, Videos Send to Moon Here

By using the above link, you can also check the distance of Cassini to enter the atmosphere of Saturn along with time left.

Thank you Cassini for making people easily understand about Space and showing images of  other planets, mainly Saturn and it’s moon’s and mainly the ring structure of Saturn.

Structure of Saturn Rings



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