iOS 11 Update

iOS 11 update for the iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch users will be rolled out today (19.09.2017) at 10.00 PM IST. At the Apple product launch event conducted few days before, Tim Cook announced that this will be the best update which has major changes and features.

The users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will get notification of Software Update at 10.00 PM, when connected to Internet. As a safe procedure of updating, it will ask for backup of data’s in iPhone as you can backup all the data’s before updating.

Check the New Features that have been rolled out with this update!

Augmented Reality

Powered by True-Depth camera along with A11 Bionic Chip, it gives real time Augmented Reality rendering. Users can just open the Camera and can make Augmented Reality objects as given below  that too in real time! Tim Cook also announced that Augmented Reality games will also roll out which makes users play games using objects they see.

New App Store

For the first time in 9 years, Apple store had been removed in this update. New App store had been created which enhances the facilities in store to easier way of downloading by having tabs. Highlighting of various tabs available at the bottom – updates, today, new releases, exclusive premieres.

Siri gets an Update

Siri has connected to your personal assistant, and learn more about you, and what’s your interest. Then gives more reliable results. Siri also updated with more natural voice and more intelligent than older. Siri translate English into other languages like Spanish, Chinese and some bigger languages.

Indoor Maps

The maps app have some new features added which has detailed floor plans for shopping malls and airports, which makes user a easy way. Speed limits and guidance of road lanes have also added to Maps, to make travelling on roads easier.


DND Mode

DND, Do Not Disturb mode while driving had been added to this new update. This DND mode will make user to have concentration on road. This mode in iPhone, which senses that user is in driving, automatically silents notifications and will keep the screen dark.

Cool Feature: Animoji

The TrueDepth front camera brings you the Emoji’s Live. The camera maps 50 Facial Tissues of a human face and brings you Emoji’s react according to you, even if your are Happy, Sad or Anger.

Using the Emoji’s, you can send to a person through messaging platform, and you can record live there.

To check other features and Specifications of iPhone X, click here.


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