Russian Tourist A. Evangelin (24), who came to Tamil Nadu, India for visiting temples begged at front of Lord Murugan Temple in Kanchipuram.

The reason for him seeking alms is due to lock of his ATM/Debit Card. He tried to take money from an ATM in the city, but PIN had been locked. A report said that he have put wrong password for many times, hence the PIN has been locked. But it is not sure that this is the official reason for that.

Got frustrated, he left the ATM with anger and also broke the Debit Card – Report Says.

Without money, he don’t know how to get help and can’t able to book rooms as he had no money. He wandered whole night in city of Kanchipuram and then slept in front of  a temple. At morning, he saw people begging for money in front of temple. Seeing that, he also sat front of Temple and started to beg for money.

Hearing this, a police officer reached temple and take him to station for inquiry.

A. Evangelin told the incident to police, in which police officer handed over Rs.500 to him and send off him to Chennai.

There is no other updates regarding A. Evangelin after this incident.

Source: Vikatan & The Hindu