Space Kidz India, a team from Tamil Nadu, India who made a World Record by launching World’s Lightest Satellite is now ready for their next mission. Yes, the team which launched the World’s Lightest Satellite is now ready to place their Lightest Lander on the moon. The team had entered Google Lunar XPRIZE competition along with Team Synergy Moon. Dr. Srimathy Kesan mam, Founder of Space Kidz India, signed agreement with Team Synergy Moon for their Mission to Moon.

The lander to be designed by the team is named as KALAMSAT – L2, The Lunar Lander (L2). The Worlds Lightest Satellite launched by the team was named as KALAMSAT on behalf of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam sir.

What is Google Lunar XPRIZE?

Google Lunar XPRIZE, also referred as Moon 2.0 is a inducement prize space competition which is organised by XPRIZE and sponsored by GoogleThis is a challenge or a race in which privately funded spaceflight teams have to land their robotic spacecraft or lander on the surface of Moon first. The spacecraft or lander should travel 500 meters and should transmit HD videos & Images back to team on Earth. Google Lunar XPRIZE was first announced on the year of 2007.

Uniting with Team Synergy Moon

On the date of August 31, 2017, Team Space Kidz India signed a agreement with Synergy Moon.

Synergy Moon, which has members from 15 different countries in their team is one of the first members to enter XPRIZE challenge. The team is doing Satellite Launches, Manned Orbital Travel & more to explore the Space and Beyond.

According to article by Srinivas Laxman sir, the lander to be designed will be expected to be below 50 grams in weight along with Payloads. The New Rocket called Neptune 8 which carries the landers, will lift off from Coast of California in March 2018.

There are totally five teams in this competition which are from different countries of the World.

  • Team Indus (India)
  • SpaceIL (Israel)
  • Moon Express (USA)
  • Hakuto (Japan) &
  • Synergy Moon (International)

The deadline of mission completion was now extended to March 31, 2018 in which it is previously on the date of December 31, 2017.

Space Kidz India

The team of Rifath Shaarook, Lead Scientist, Abdul Kashif, Lead Engineer, Yagna Sai, Lead Technologist, Vinay S Bharadwaj, Structural Engineer, Tanishq Dwivedi, Flight Engineer, Gobi Nath, Bio Physicist, Saitanya Kesan, Lead Legal Advisor. 

Rifath Shaarook posted a video on Facebook regarding their mission in which he mentioned, KALAMSAT – L will carry the Pride of India & Land on Moon to Preach Universal Brotherhood which focuses on International Peace and Co-operation.
Watch the Video posted by Rifath Shaarook brother on Facebook below.

Space Kids India to the Moon with Synergy Moon

All the best team and make our India proud again and again and again!!

Wish them all the best by commenting below.


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